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Cheapest Days to Fly

Bhakti Satalkar Sep 21, 2019
We all like to travel, but would it not be good if we knew which days were the cheapest days to fly on and save some money in the bargain? Let's find out.
With the poor economic condition, people are forced to look for cheaper deals for almost everything. So, it is natural that people would want to save on the traveling cost and use the same to take care of accommodation and other mundane expenses.
All of us know that if booked in advance, it is possible to get cheap air tickets. However, what do we do if we have not planned in advance and yet would like to take a trip for pleasure or work? Yes, there is a way out. We will have to go look out for cheap days to fly on.

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What are the Inexpensive Days to Fly?

Whether you want to fly for pleasure or for business, it is natural that you would want to save money, unless there is something pressing.
The most inexpensive time to fly during the week are Tuesday and Wednesday. You can book tickets to fly out on Wednesday to return on Tuesday or Saturday. Even on these days, the cheapest flight is usually first one in the morning. It may mean that you will have to wake up at ungodly hours.

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Tips to Fly Cheap

One of the first cheap air travel tips is to look for travel deals which are available in plenty. Apart from this tip, the experts have given some advice which will help you save some money.

Be Flexible with Your Travel Plan

It is recommended that you be flexible with your travel plan when you want to travel on a budget. This will help you to get a deal which you may not get if you were to be rigid.
For example, if flying on 5th and coming back on the 9th costs you USD 450 for a round trip and, instead, flying on the 6th and coming back on the 10th costs USD 350, then alter the dates of the travel to save precious money.

Be Flexible with Your Travel Time

It is often noted that if you travel around graveyard hours or early morning, chances are high that you will get a cheap airfare deal. Although you may not get a perfectly sound sleep, you still will be able to catch up with it on your way to the destination.

Use the Same Airline

This is one of the most important travel tips to fly cheap. If you go in for a to-and-fro ticket of the same airline, it will certainly turn out cheaper for you. When you are purchasing last minute travel tickets then this is the best option you have on hand.

Look Out for Discount Fares

Most of the airlines do offer discount fares for purchasing tickets in advance. The discounts are often made for purchasing tickets 7, 14, or 21 days in advance. There are some deals which also come with Saturday night stay. You will have to inquire about these deals with travel agents so that you get the discounted deals.

Cheap Airlines

There are a multitude of no-frill airlines which offer cheap, last minute travel bargains. They are available not only in the United States, but in most countries around the world. You should opt for such airlines when you fly within the country.

Fly from Bigger Airports

If you are traveling overseas, then it is a better option to fly out of bigger airports as bigger airports mean bigger discounts. You may have to drive to the nearest bigger airport, if it is worth the deal.
The cheapest days to fly can also be dependent upon your destination. You will have to research well before you book your tickets. Bon Voyage!