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Designer Luggage Bags

Great luggage bags are a great style boosters for those with hectic traveling plans. They add essential aesthetic value to your style too. Here's taking a look at some of the important brands and items you need to have as a traveler.
Vacayholics Staff
BAGS! Bold, Avant-garde, Gorgeous, and Sexy. Designer bags are an integral part of fashion industry. Fashion week after fashion week, seasons after seasons, and time after time, bags have been at the center stage of designing. A well designed bag can rectify a bad dress day. Trendy luggage bags have made traveling more stylish. These bags add to the panache which travelers always miss out on due to hectic travel plans. It becomes tough for corporates with hectic travel plans to make a lasting impression due to shabby baggage they may carry. But with stylish bags the look gets a complete make-over!
We cannot miss out the staple of the designer bags which have been traditionally crafted by Louis Vuitton. The classic LV is not only a monogram but a style statement declaring a certain finality. The brand offers you a variety of bags. The other design houses like Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, and Prada have a range of iconic designs too. Inspired by nature, life, and love these bags are crafted in silk, lambskin, calfskin, cotton, and jute.
For those who thought that fashion bags were for women, you were sadly mistaken! Travel bags for men are in as much fashion as they are for women. You can make a mark with rugged leather gym bags to sleek office bags that are available in macho colors like black, dull red, burnt orange, and olive green. Apart from being a style statement, these bags are convenient to carry around. The advantage of going in for leather bags is that they are durable and last long despite careless handling while on the go.
The luggage sets include fancy vanity kits, hand bags, and purses. They come in same color of the bag or in contrast. Either way, they set a trend! The bags are expandable which makes accommodating excess luggage very easy.
If you thought fashionable handbags were for the corporates and normal travelers then you've missed out on the exciting treat! Backpacks have become a designer wear too. These light-weight bags have generously designed compartments and also a solid construction for adventures. These bags have compartments designed for delicate items like sunglasses, cell phones, and laptops, so they get well taken care of.
Add more style to your luggage bags with the accessories. Get your bag noticed with the haute-couture collection of matching suit holders and garment bags to make your luggage look themed.
You don't need to be a celebrity to dazzle. Just making the unparalleled choice is the secret. There are plenty of designers offering a wide range of collection. While buying a luggage bag keep in mind its utility. Quality check is the most important aspect as the expenditure should be worthwhile. Go in for wheeled suitcases as are they are easier to carry if completely loaded. Preferably, go in for water resistant bags as they are very useful during the monsoons. Hopefully, by now you know enough about designer bags. For further queries do not hesitate to write a note. Until then keep stylish!