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Spring Break 2012 Dates

Spring Break 2012 Dates

Are you planning on having a ball during spring break? Would you like to know the spring break 2012 dates? To find the answers, keep reading the article...
Sheetal Mandora
Even though spring break 2012 is yet to arrive, finding out the dates can actually get you started in figuring out what you'll be doing. As the new semester begins, although the desire to be ahead in class is wonderful, you can't help but think about the upcoming breaks. The professors are, as usual, going over the syllabus as planned and have you running around doing projects, cramming for tests, and presentations. Amidst all of this, gradually if not in full swing, you and your friends are already thinking about the imminent break that will be coming up soon. Yes! I am talking about THE 2012 break that will soon arrive. Every student looks forward to this much-needed break. And, taking a small pause from school is a good thing. Obviously the fall semester had you jam-packed for months and just an itty-bitty Christmas break can't be satisfying. So the question on everybody's minds is, what are the dates for 2012.

To come to think of it, this break is perhaps the only time when you can actually enjoy, relax, and de-stress yourself from schoolwork. And when you count the days, you'll know that this break comes after a year. So it is obvious that everyone (yes people, everyone) is looking forward to getting out of the city, going somewhere no one can bother them, and just live. It's true that some people believe that the break is all about drunk college students partying and drinking all the time. I won't disagree with that fact, but this break is more than just having an awesome time partying. It's about living vicariously; away from all the responsibilities of school, work, and home. This vacation is a time to live your life like there's no tomorrow. And frankly, out of 365 days of hard work and a busy schedule, a few days of fun is not a bad idea.

Now I know that instead of giving you information on the dates, I am sitting here, explaining the concept of this break. But my point is, if I tell you when is spring break at this moment, what's the fun in that? How about we extend the suspense just a tad and give you the information later in the article? Only one way to find out.
U.S. Spring Break
Before I give away the dates, let me give you one hint - spring break is not that far away. Now, many of you already know that this break ideally comes around mid March. This is true in most schools and universities. However, you'd be surprised to know that the actual dates for this break can fall anywhere between mid February to second week of April. As each school has its own set of rules and regulations, along with the administrative guidelines, the dates can vary from one school to another.

I know that the information I am giving you can be a bit confusing for you because technically, the main reason you wish to know the dates is because depending on the information, you will then choose a vacation spot. Once you have confirmation on the dates, you can then easily get online and book the best packages possible. Planning ahead of time is always wise and that's the best reason why you should know the dates beforehand. Even though this break is about enjoyment, it wouldn't be so bad if you could get a great deal on the packages. Plus, the sooner you decide to travel, the better spots you can choose from, right?
Drum Roll Please
Alright, alright. Enough of this suspense. Let me just come right out and tell you already (because even I can't keep it a secret any longer). The official dates are March 5 to March 23, 2012. And as I mentioned before, the dates are not that far away. Now here I'd like to break the momentum of the article and tell you one more thing. The official dates may be in March, but (and this is a big BUT), the dates at your school can be different from this. The best thing to do is confirm the dates at the administrations' office and plan your vacation accordingly.
As most of the time, the break falls in mid March for many of you, your school may be inclining towards taking this option and your break can be postponed. But, don't get disheartened. The actual dates for your school might just fall anywhere from February to April. So before you come up with any spring break ideas, have all the facts and dates clear. Now that you have the dates and are planning on making it better than last year, I'd like to excuse myself here and bid you a very happy (and safe) spring break!