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The 10 Most Beautiful Train Stations Around the World

The 10 Most Beautiful Train Stations Around the World
Traveling alone, or with family, on business purpose, or a getaway from the usual routine, one place you never miss out being at is the railway station. But these places are more than mere buildings. They ensemble the architectural mastery and craftsmanship of the geniuses that made the whole world wonder on their vision and ability.
CH Mridula
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Stockholm Central Station
Stockholm Station Trivia
The engineers of Stockholm Central Station came up with an innovative idea of using passengers' time in a quirkier way. Their body heat is channelized and transformed to heat up the rooms of a nearby office building!
Belgium Station
Breaking the tradition of tourist sites and visits, this vastly-spread railway station still challenges experts to attribute a certain architectural genre for its beauty and intricate interiors. Built between 1895 to 1905, it is the fourth-largest terminal in the world.
Kuala Lumpur Railway Station
With an exterior akin to a palace, this railway station could give serious wanderlust to anyone. An amalgamation of several architectural styles from the East and West, the terminal is adorned with high etched roofs, classic arches, and beautiful open minarets, representative of its sheer beauty.
Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
Situated in the sprawling city of Mumbai, it is named after the great and wise Maratha warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji, and is an archetypal of the Victorian-Gothic and Indian architectural finesse. Intricate designs and engineering still speak for themselves through the self-standing domes and arches of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Atocha Station in Madrid
Like a phoenix, this station rose from the ashes of being just another simple transit area. Not only is its entrance vibrant and spectacular, but the interiors are also breathtaking; studded with green gardens, tropical lawns, and a glass ceiling giving a view of the open skies.
Istanbul Terminal
What else can be expected from the land of royalty and Mediterranean prodigy than a terminal looking no less than a palace! Once the end point for the iconic Orient Express journey, this station now serves as a pathway to connect the historic cities of Istanbul through its trains.
Sao Bento Terminal
The colossal tile paintings on the walls where, on one side render a mesmerizing touch to the architectural beauty, they also describe the old folklore of heroes, the lives of the kings and knights, and the great wars fought in the history of Portugal, thereby making the stay for passengers more interesting and memorable.
Gare du Nord Station
From fast paced action movies to lighthearted comic sitcoms, the Gare du Ford station made its appearance in many popular Hollywood movies. More than merely a terminal, the architecture of this station seems like putting up the prototypes of the cities it connects, in the form of statues placed in the front yard.
Kanazawa Terminal
Who says a regular terminal cannot be a shopping place or a frequent hangout? With initial rejections and controversies, the out-and-out construction of this railway station gained much popularity with passing time, and also houses a huge shopping mall and beautiful fountains.
Komsomolskaya Railway Terminal
The sheer architectural exuberance and beauty falls no short than a Renaissance modeled arcade and arches that are free from centering. Using the thematic background of the Italian Baroque style of designing, the whole area is decked with mosaic artwork and lovely chandeliers lighting the hallway.
Grand Central Terminal
With enormous walkways and an astronomical top, this terminal captures and exhibits every minute impulse that represents the country. Built in Victorian-Gothic style, this place is more than just a subway terminal; it has a bar, food market, dining space, private hall, and the Whispering Gallery. Also, it houses the famous terminal clock situated in the station lobby.
Light Rail Station
Kochi Station In Kochi