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How to Track a Flight Online

When receiving somebody or dropping someone at the airport, it is very useful to have a flight tracking facility, which can keep you informed about the precise timings.
Omkar Phatak
Air travel has become the preferred mode of transport, all over the world. There are thousands of airline industries worldwide, that offer domestic and international airline transport. Thousands of planes keep zigzagging the globe every minute. When we have somebody close or some associate, traveling over to a distant destination, it helps if we can track that flight.
It often happens that flights get delayed due to bad weather conditions. Sometimes, in winter, especially, flights get delayed and passengers are stranded on airports. In such a case, if you have Internet access, you can track the flight online and know a passenger's position.
If you are going to receive a person on an airport, it's essential that you know the exact time of arrival. This helps you in reaching the airport, to receive them in time. When a flight is delayed, the arrival time again gets modified and the timings deviate from schedule. In such a case too, you can track it online and save yourself some precious time.
There are many dedicated sites on the Internet that track flights for you and also provide some great travel tips. These sites have a huge database of flight logs that they obtain from domestic and International airport networks. These databases are regularly updated on a daily or in some cases, hourly basis.
When you type a search query on the site, which gives the basic information about the flight, the relevant details are searched for, on the site server database, in real time, and the search results are displayed on your machine. Thanks to this facility, you can track any scheduled flight online, from the comfort of your home and receive regular updates regarding changes in flight schedule. Internet provides the complete solution regarding air travel now, right from finding cheap airline tickets to tracking air traffic online.
Tracking Flights on the Internet
Here is the step by step procedure:
Step 1: Find a Site that can Track a Flight Online
If you Google it, you will find many sites that can track flights for you. Choose one of them and load the site in your browser. For example, there is a site called 'FlightAware' that does the tracking job. If you are a person who regularly needs to use this tracking facility, bookmark it. Some other sites which offer the same service are 'Flightview', 'Flightstats', and 'Flightradar24'.
Step 2: Enter the Flight Details
Flight tracking sites like these have a form that needs to be filled, in order to get the flight details. Obviously, to track flights, you must know their number. The flight number is a unique one, that not only identifies the flight, but also its schedule. This is something which you need to know beforehand. If you are not sure about the flight number, then you must at least know the name of the airline that is carrying the flight.
From the airline company site, you can get the flight number, if you enter the destination and timing details. Now enter this flight number in the form provided on the tracking site.
Step 3 : Get Real Time Updates
Once you have entered the flight number, your job is done. Press enter and wait for the site to search its database for relevant information. Depending on the search criteria you select, you will receive the current status details of the flight. This includes the arrival time at airport, current location, and altitude. It can also provide the details of intermediate stops, which the flight would take on its way and the delays if any.
You do not need to worry about reaching airports on time anymore. This tracking facility makes it easy.