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A Super Helpful Vacation Trip Planner Template to Ease Your Work

Vacation Trip Planner Template
Going on a vacation this summer? Well, print a vacation trip planner template beforehand and make things easier and more enjoyable.
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Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018
A vacation trip planner will definitely make your vacation more enjoyable by helping you keep track of time, the dates and timings of check-in's and check-out's and also the timing of all your flights and buses. Apart from that, you can also have a planner that will help you pack your luggage properly. In order to make your travel trip planner, you will have to collect some facts and information about the trip itself. The following is some important data you will need to collect in order to complete the planner.
  • Destination
  • Date of travel
  • Time duration of travel
  • Arrival at destination
  • Stay at destination
  • Sight seeing
  • Adventures/activities
  • Shopping
  • Date of departure
  • Travel duration
  • Date when you reach home
Vacation Checklist
When you depart for any vacation, make sure that you prepare a checklist. The checklist should contain all the things that you will need to pack, the things that you will need to do in the house such as turning off the gas and electricity devices, and finally things that you will need to do actually on the date of your departure, such as shutting all doors and windows, the garage, etc. You can also include some travel tips in the planner.
Route Planner
If you are planning upon taking a road trip then you will also have to prepare a route planner with the help of a road map. While making the planner, jot down the places and highways that you are going to travel by in order to reach your destination. For convenience, you may also put down the number of miles or Km that you would be driving by in between each place. In addition to that, you can also plan out the places where you want to halt for a meal.
Surf the net for destinations such as historical monuments that you can visit on the way to your main destination. Another important element that you should include in the template is the gas stations and hospitals that are present on the route that you are taking. You may also surf the web to get the best emergency numbers that provide services on that very route.
Budget Planner
A budget planner is another important planner that you might want to consider printing, especially, if you plan to shop extensively at your destination. Such a planner can contain multiple budgets, such as budget for food, budget for alcoholic drinks, budget for souvenir shopping, budget for clothes shopping, and miscellaneous shopping.
It is not necessary that you carry money that is restricted to your budget. Apart from the allotted budget items, you must carry a precautionary budget, that can be easily used in case of emergencies. Consider travel insurance, if you are planning to go to some place really far-off and for a really long period of time.
Sample Template
The following is a vacation trip planner template that you can instantly download and print. This travel planner template can also be modified according to your preference.
The trip planner will really help you in making your trip enjoyable and full of fun. The planner will also help you to avoid accidents, missed flights, and delays in your entire vacation. The ultimate merit of a vacation trip planner is that your entire vacation is totally disappointment-free.
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