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Best Family Spring Break Destinations 2012

Best Family Spring Break Destinations 2012
Are you looking for the perfect destination to spend your spring break with your family? This article will tell you about some of the best spring break destinations this year, that you can visit with your family.
Neha Joshi
Spring arrives and finally, we can break free from those extra layers of clothing and ready ourselves to lounge under the sun and tan ourselves a little. It is time to welcome the warmth, and indulge in it like never before. Throughout winter I waited for spring to arrive so that I could finally convince my entire family to say goodbye to work and hello to some fun.

Where I thought that it will take me forever to convince everyone to take a break, all I had to do was give them a list of the best destinations for family holidays and wait for them to select one out of the options. After some research, I found these destinations to be the top family spring break destinations for 2012. Check them out!
7 Spots To Watch Out for This Spring Break
#7: Bahamas
This is a place that has always been known for the sheer fun it promises to deliver. So it's no surprise then that Bahamas features in the list of the best destinations for spring break vacations. There is always something to do and always something to find. From plantations that can tell you stories that will stay with you for a lifetime to historic forts, casinos, and golf courses, there is something for every one to indulge in. Of course you cannot talk about Bahamas without mentioning the beautiful waters that surround it which make it ideal for underwater activities like snorkeling.
Bahamas beach
Bahamas coconut trees
#6: British Virgin Islands
For a spring break, nothing can be more soothing than a trip to the beach which is why British Virgin islands ranks high on the list of destinations that you should definitely visit. Made up of 50 islands, the island that should be first on your list is Tortola which is home to botanical gardens, national parks, and forest trails. One of the most popular beaches on the islands is the Cane Garden Bay. For the more adventurous amongst you, the islands have as many 60 dive sites so that you can definitely admire the gorgeous sights underwater.
British virgin island sunset
British virgin island view from table
#5: Cancún
Cancún, Mexico enters this list without much of a fight, like always. Every year, this city finds a place in the lists of spring break destinations. Cancun vacations don't only offer you some great water sports but 12 miles of amazing coastline for blissful enjoyment and relaxation. Cancún also has an underwater museum called the Museo Subacuatico de Arte (MUSA), which you can check out with your family. The El Rey ruins are another spot that you shouldn't miss here. Also home to other archaeological sights such as Chichen Itza and Tulum, this is one complete holiday destination.
Cancun mexico
Cancun beach panorama
#4: Oahu
A list of the top destinations for spring break cannot be complete without a mention of Oahu. Known as the Gathering Place, it has so many things to do that you will probably run out of time. If you are in Oahu for spring break, then do not a miss a chance to attend a luau. There is no other way to truly experience the island. Also soak in the history and culture by visiting some of the more historic buildings that make up the island's heritage. If you are in Oahu, then you definitely cannot miss out on surfing especially when you are in the surfing capital of the world. Treks and hikes are also integral to the Oahu experience.
Surfing in oahu
Oahu beach
#3: Orlando
Think Orlando and the first thing that leaps to your mind is the Walt Disney World Resort. Sure a trip to Orlando cannot be complete without the many theme parks that make it up but there is a lot more to do. It is an ideal place to go hiking in the Ocala National Forest, or you could just walk down Daytona beach for a leisurely stroll. You can also choose to harvest your own produce by picking berries at local farms or just go for a ride on your bicycles on the many trails that abound nearby. There is no dearth of things to do in Orlando, so get ready for a brilliant vacation.
Amusement park in orlando
Orlando lake
#2: Riviera Maya
Mexico is known for its archaeological sites but the eastern coast of the country that is cradled by the Caribbean is equally beautiful and the beaches that make up this area are collectively known as the Riviera Maya. If this is the place you are visiting this spring break, then there is a lot to do. Along the Mayan Riviera you have to swim at Tulum which is the only archaeological site that is situated next to the sea. It is also home to one of the most beautiful theme parks in the country that is a must visit. Go snorkeling in the largest natural aquarium or just lounge at the beautiful beaches.
Riviera maya sunrise
Caribbean Sea Life
#1: San Diego
Rounding off my list is San Diego where there is absolutely no dearth of activities. With a beach expanse of 70 miles and perfect weather, there is always a lot to do here. Visit the La Jolla Cove to witness the most beautiful sunset ever. Make a trip to downtown San Diego to take in its history. Rent cycles for your family and take in the beauty of the many biking trails around the city. A trip to San Diego will obviously be incomplete without a visit to SeaWorld. This is just a snapshot of things that you can do in the city.
Dolphin show in san deigo
San deigo aerial view
Now that you know these best spring break destinations, where are you planning to travel to? This year, you cannot go wrong with any of these places. Take a vote, let everyone have their say, and choose a destination that will truly delight your family and you. So, plan your spring break vacation soon.