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10 Best Luggage Brands for People Who Travel a Lot

10 Best Luggage Brands for People Who Travel a Lot

Frequent traveling can be quite fatiguing especially with lack of proper luggage. Take a look at some of the most popular luggage brands which you could need in case you travel a lot. Vacayholics recommends the best luggage brands for frequent travelers as per the purpose of travel.
Vibhav Gaonkar
Quick Fact
Luggage of the past consisted of heavy trunks and chests, which were shipped by professional movers. More modern variants include smaller and lighter bags, duffels, backpacks, etc., which enables people to carry their luggage around themselves.
raveling is of two types; either work-based or leisure-based. But frequent traveling is more evident in the former type. Whatever be the reason, a holiday or a business trip, it shouldn't be tiresome and boring. Rather, a journey should be comfortable, convenient, and most importantly, 'a happy journey'. Have you ever given thought to the luggage you drag along all the way to your destination? Is it really comfortable? Do you feel too tired when you reach your destination?
Don't just think of luggage as a big suitcase; even a simple sling bag or a backpack is luggage. The concept of luggage has evolved greatly over the years. Recent innovations bring features like durability, soft- or hard-bodied luggage, lightweight and wheeled, spacious to fit all you wish to carry, expandability, and more. Even the style quotient does matter these days, which defines color, shape, and material used.
Top 5 Quality Luggage Brands
American Tourister
A trusted and well-recognized brand in the luggage segment; American Tourister is popular for its stylish and durable luggage. The company started from manufacturing cheaper suitcases, and has now conquered the whole segment, manufacturing all sorts of luggage equipment, including backpacks, carry-on luggage, hardside and softside bags, laptop bags, business cases, wallets, belts, and more. A very good thing about their products is the cost-effectiveness. The goal of cheap luggage with which Sol Koffler began the company still does reflect from the company's pricing norms. A 21" upright bag (AT Splash 2) costs somewhere around $60 - $65. We rate this brand 4 stars for its best-in-class pricing. (Note: The cost here and in further sections has just been mentioned for reference purposes and could change overtime.) Check out American Tourister.
When you say tough luggage, you say Ogio. The brand manufactures all sorts of bags required for numerous purposes, like golf backpacks, motorcycle backpacks, work/business bags, travel bags, and even women's handbags. The material and construction of an Ogio bag reflects its workmanship and quality. The brand is more popular in the United States and United Kingdom. Vacayholics gives a 4.5 star rating for the brand's exquisite products and economical costs. A 21" upright bag (Ogio Blitz) costs somewhere around $110. Check out Ogio.
High Sierra
The luggage here is purposed more for adventure and leisure activities. With utility and durability, High Sierra focuses on detailing and stylizing their products to make them look trendy and unique among its competitors. A list of the brand's products could include everything from backpacks, messenger bags, totes, carry-on luggage, hydration packs, duffels, and more. So, if you're on frequent adventure trails, like treks, mountaineering, or mountain-biking, this is the brand that would suit all your needs. Vacayholics rates the brand 4 stars for its cutting-edge style and extreme build quality. This is a brand typical to the youth and adventurists of modern-day. The cost of a 22" upright (High Sierra Sportour) is somewhere between $100 - $120. Check out High Sierra.
The sister concern of American Tourister, Samsonite strives to provide customers with top quality products. The brand gains popularity especially from business and laptop bags, which it manufactures at large. It does produce luggage and travel bags too. Its product list includes business and laptop bags, travel bags, backpacks and messenger bags, and duffels. Vacayholics recommends this brand to entrepreneurs, businessmen, and the working class, and gives it a 3.5 star rating. A 21" upright bag (Aspire GR8) costs around $100 - $110. Check out Samsonite.
The company's tagline itself says a lot about the type of products it manufactures: The choice of flight crews and frequent travelers. This company is recognized for its constant innovations in the luggage and travel accessories segment. These innovations include features like lighter weights, full-frame designs, self-aligning wheels, etc. The brand also features a National Geographic Collection, extremely rugged and durable, which is suitable for adventure trails and expeditions. Talking about the pricing factor, the costs are very much as per the features every individual product provides. Overall, the products are quite cost-effective, with unmatched quality standards. A 22" upright of this brand would cost you somewhere around $100 - $120. Overall, the brand deserves a decent 4.5 star rating. Check out Travelpro.
Top Luxury Luggage Brands
If you have no budget constraints, then there are some other brands too that you could try out. Have a look.
Briggs and Riley
Price Range
A basic 21" upright bag ranges somewhere around $400 - $500.

If you were to talk about the Ferrari and Lamborghini in bags, this is one of the names you would find. Topping the list is Briggs and Riley. Instead of asking what the brand offers, you should ask what it doesn't. The moment you buy a spinner, an upright, or any bag for that matter, you don't have to worry about it for the next couple of generations. The after-sales is very impressive too, with consumers registering their product for a lifetime warranty, wherein the company promises to repair any kind of damage to the product, free of charge. Check out Briggs & Riley.
Price Range
On an average, a 21" upright costs around $250 - $300

Hartmann was founded in 1877 by Joseph Hartmann, a trunk maker in Wisconsin. The brand brags about its exquisitely engineered luggage, travel cases, and fine leather goods. It features collections for everyday purposes, travel, and business. If you're looking at a Hartmann bag, you are looking at the symbol of excellence, which J. Hartmann envisioned during the start of the venture. Hartmann's warranty policy ensures to repair any damages, or replace the whole product in extreme conditions. Check out Hartmann.
Price Range
Tumi's 22" upright carry-on softside would cost $395 and above.

Tumi has been manufacturing travel goods since 1975, and is one of the leading companies in the luxury travel segment. It is popular for its award-winning designs and technical innovations, and categorizes its products in such a way so as to understand the unique needs of consumers. Tumi's collections include luggage, business cases, handbags, fine-leather goods, accessories, electronics, gift sets, pens, and watches. The brand has recently introduced the outerwear collection, which features coats, jackets, and similar apparel. Another interesting feature which Tumi provides is luggage monogramming, which allows a buyer to monogram his/her name on the bag, giving it a more personal and custom-made feel. Check out Tumi.
Price Range
A Rimowa 21" suitcase costs around $500 - $550

Rimowa is Europe's leading brand, and specializes in hardside polycarbonate 'grooved' luggage. Polycarbonate is recognized for its impact-resistance as well as lighter weight, which gives their suitcases the unique blend of durability and convenience. Since the inception of the brand in 1898, it is constantly striving to provide the best quality luggage to its consumers, which incorporates features like multi-wheel, TSA lock, and a wide range of products which allows the consumer to choose better. To top it all, Rimowa is the Red Dot Award winner for the online communication design category, for the elegance, clear structures, and simple interface of its homepage. Check out Rimowa.
Price Range
A 22" spinner would cost around $199 - $250.

This one hails from Paris, and has a product list quite similar to the previous four. For softside luggage, the brand uses fabrics like polyester, polyamide, or leather. On the other hand, ABS or polycarbonate is used for rigid hardside luggage. Along with durable material, Delsey provides unique utility features to each of its product. For instance, it provides a brake system for the wheels, and an overweight warning system so that you don't exceed the standard 50 pound weight restriction enforced by most airlines in the U.S.A. Some luggage also features an easy access compartment, which can be utilized to quickly remove a pair of shoes, sweaters, or toiletries while traveling, eliminating the need to open the main compartment. When talking about cost, the brand is quite economical and offers more with every penny spent. Briefly, Delsey provides its consumers the complete luxury experience in traveling, without compromising on utility. Check out Delsey.
If you travel mostly due to work or business, you should look for brands like Samsonite and Travelpro. But if you don't mind spending more, then you should definitely go in for any of the luxury brands. On the other hand, if your travels are mostly based on sightseeing and leisure, you should go in for American Tourister or Travelpro. There are also people who like adventure and thrill. Trekking, hiking, mountain-biking, etc., are activities which require the most of you, and a perfect companion for these journeys would be either High Sierra or Ogio.