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Question - How Much Does a Passport Cost? Answer - Not Much!

How Much Does a Passport Cost?
Applying for a passport for the first time? What you need is quick know-how on how to apply for a passport, along with how much it costs to make one. While the details are given in a nutshell, it will nonetheless give you an idea of what is involved.
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It is essential to own a passport especially if you see yourself migrating to a new country, or traveling to foreign lands. The time that it takes for the process to complete varies depending on where you do it from, and which channel you choose. Just be sure to have all your documents at hand while meeting the requirements as per the embassy or consulate.

How Much Does it Cost to Apply for a Passport?

The costs incurred by the applicant during the process vary depending on what you need, and how old you are.

For Adults (Above 16 years of age)
  • Passport Book:
    Application Fee + Execution Fee = $135
  • Passport Book and Card:
    Application Fee + Execution Fee = $165
  • Passport Card:
    Application Fee + Execution Fee = $55

For Minors (Under 16 years of age)
  • Passport Book:
    Application Fee + Execution Fee = $105
  • Passport Book and Card:
    Application Fee + Execution Fee = $120
  • Passport Card:
    Application Fee + Execution Fee = $40

How to Apply for a Passport from Outside the US

The process is different for those who wish to attain a passport from the outside the US. Those of you who are applying for it within the US, visit the embassy and have them help you with the process face-to-face. If you are elsewhere and you need to get the job done from afar (can be done through the Internet), this is just as possible if you were to be within the US. Let's take a look at what you need to get the process underway.

Step 1: Applying for a Passport:

The application form that needs to be filled is similar for applicants both inside and outside the US, although the process differs. You'll need to consult your local embassy or consulate and ask them what needs to be done next, once you've filled out the application form. You can find the application form on the website TravelState which is a legit government-run portal that handles passport queries, needs, and issues.

Step 2: Documents Required:

Every official procedure requires the submission of legal documents, where this process is no different. The application form will have a detailed outline of which documents need to submitted, where they usually require verifiable proof of your identity and citizenship.

Step 3: Fees Involved:

It is important to understand which mode of payment is available to you, since checks and sending cash through mail, isn't entertained. Inquire about this detail with your local embassy or consulate.

Step 4: Photo Identity:

The photographs that have to be submitted along with your application form and documents, must meet the guidelines of the US passport authorities. These requirements vary from one country to the next, so be sure to check for the US' rules, in particular.

Step 5: Application Processing:

Depending on your situation, whether urgent or not, the US embassy in charge can issue temporary valid passports. Expedited processing is not issued to applicants outside the US - that means only the option of routine service is available to you, where it takes 4-6 weeks to process your application. To keep track of the process, you can check the status of your application online in about 5-7 days from the day of submission.

Applying for a passport should be done well in advance if you see a lot of travel in the future or the possibility of migrating. The embassy can help with passports that need to be given right away, where you can consult them about how to get a limited validity passport. Once you do your part in the process, the rest will follow accordingly.
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